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Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Any new mom can tell you of the struggles of losing weight after pregnancy, coupled with the challenges of scheduling appointments with a brand new baby (not to mention any other children you may already have!) Losing weight after pregnancy becomes a struggle for many women, and many new moms find their self esteem plummet when the weight just does not come off quickly enough during the years following a pregnancy.

Many moms struggling with the challenge of weight loss are to embarassed to ask for diet pills from their doctor, or do not want to become the subject of office gossip. Or they are consfused about using herbal supplements. Or they simply want to know how to get rid of that baby fat with sweat and tears. Losing Weight After Pregnancy is here to help!

Weight loss can easily be achieved with positive lifestyle changes amd health supplements if applicable. Losing Weight After Pregnancy provides the resources for moms to lose weight, , dieting information, as well as health and weight loss articles specifically for moms.

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11 Unusual Low Calorie Snacks
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Can I Lose Weight Without Exercising?
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Feel good about everywhere but the thighs? Here are some great tips!

Will I be able to return to my pre-pregnancy weight?
For some it is easier than others, but the answer is yes... if you put the time and effort in.

Breastfeeding and Weight Loss
The secret lose weight weapon!

Weight Gain During Pregnancy
Where does all that weight actually go when you're pregnant>

How soon can you start dieting?
How soon after you have the baby can you start dieting?

Limiting your liquid calories
Calorie-laden drinks can be your diet downfall.

8 Glasses of Water - Myth or Reality?
We dig up the nitty gritty on what your mom always told you.

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Ideal Body Weight Calculator
What is your true ideal weight?

Body Mass Index Calculator
Figure out your BMI now.





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